about beau wilfong

Vision is essential in our journey to becoming great . . . .


For over 25 years, Beau has been a life coach and mentor to over 75 men. 

He did not set out to do this, it just started happening spontaneously and it continued to grow.

Many lives have been transformed as a result.


 Beau writes from life experiences. His story is one of reconciliation and redemption. At age 18, he met Jesus Christ and this radically altered his life for good. His childhood can best be described as Train Wreck on Groundhog's Day  for hopelessness repeated itself every day. 


Beau is an international speaker having conducted hundreds of seminars in South America and Africa.  He focuses on Leadership Development and Business Success. 

His audiences range from University students and faculty to judges and attorneys.  

Additionally, he has trained over 4,000  pastors and church leaders.

Beau's business experience of 35 years has centered on real estate and operating a water and sanitary sewer utility.

Beau has been married for 37 years and has 4 adult children.

It is time to LAUNCH OUT and . . . .

Discover your own adventure. 

Many of the  keys to becoming great are in this latest book: 

Be Great: Discovering Our Identity & Purpose